Questions to Ask a Rug Cleaning Company Before Making a Decision

If your rug is valuable enough to require a rug cleaning service, it’s also valuable enough to be cautious about which cleaning service you choose. If you need a regular cleaning service for your rugs, the ideal way for hiring the best service is to ask some questions that will indicate whether a service is able to give your rugs the best care. Otherwise, you might end up with rugs that are still dirty or even worse, damaged.

Questions to Ask a Rug Cleaning Company Before Making a Decision

By asking a rug service the following questions, you can decide whether they offer the expertise and experience your rugs require, or whether you should move on to the next company, asking them the same questions.

  1. Are You Able to Offer References that Had Rugs like Mine?

The most important thing is whether a service has experience cleaning your type of rugs. If a company can't provide references to back up its experience with a certain type of rug, it's best to find one that can, especially if your carpets are antique, or made of fine materials. A company that does not have extensive experience with these types of carpets should not be offering to clean them.

  1. What will the PH Level of my Wool Rug Be After Cleaning?

In the case of a wool rug, the material should have a PH reading of below 7, as wool is naturally on the acid side. A PH reading of higher than 7 will threaten your rug's appearance and longevity. If a cleaning service seems baffled by this question, move on to a service that knows what you're talking about.

  1. What is the Maximum PH Level of the Detergent You'll Use on My Wool Rug?

Shampoos used to clean wool rugs should contain a PH reading of no higher than 8.5, as shampoos with PHs above 8.5 can damage wool. While it seems odd that a service wouldn't use the optimal soap type for rug cleaning, it isn't uncommon, and carpet owners eventually pay the price in the form of damaged carpets.

  1. Are You Certified Rug Cleaning Specialists?

Services that are certified as wool care specialists have the training necessary to handle your wool rugs in way that produces deep cleaning without harming their appearance and durability. Having said that, a service may not be qualified by an association and still possess the same knowledge of services that are.