Most common methods of carpet cleaning

Do you see carpet cleaning as a dull task which has to be crossed off your to - do list? If so, then you should probably hire the services of a reputable carpet cleaning company. That way, you can have confidence knowing your carpet is being taken care of by professionals, who know exactly what they are doing.

Professional companies use different methods to clean and restore carpets. Some of them are highlighted below.

Some of the most common methods of carpet cleaning

Shampooing the carpet - Carpet cleaning shampoos can be effective for heavy duty cleaning, as they usually get rid of dirt and sometimes even tough stains. But they also leave behind excess wet foam, making it too difficult to dry the carpet completely. After shampooing the carpet, most of the time no rinsing is carried out, hence why the carpet becomes sticky. Due to this, it acts as a magnet and attracts dirt and dust quite easily.

Hot water extraction

This cleaning method is more popularly referred to as steam carpet cleaning and it relies on hot water at a high pressure to get rid of dirt stuck deep within the carpet fibres. This method basically includes applying a cleaning product on the affected area, brushing it to move around the carpet fibre, followed by a thorough rinsing of the carpet. Some professional companies use special methods to dry the carpet after the water and moisture has been extracted from it.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning

This encapsulation method consists of applying synthetic detergents which, when dry crystallize into powder form. It is moderately popular today and is actually proving to be almost as efficient as carpet shampooing because the latter involves the use of a lot of hot water which makes it difficult to dry the carpet in a short period of time. This method is also more environmentally friendly because it does not result in any harmful chemical residue getting left behind.

Dry carpet cleaning

Tt may also be known as compound cleaning and is reasonably popular among cleaning companies because it does not require technicians to spend too many hours drying the carpet.

Bonnet cleaning

This is basically like the rapid fix of carpet cleaning methods. It is best for commercial facilities, offices and hotels where the carpet cannot be missing for too long and requires a quick tidy up every now and again. This technique involves the use of an electric cleaning machine with a spinning brush pad.

Full immersion washing

By far the most effective carpet cleaning method is the full immersion washing. The professional rug wash involves many specialised steps that are not included in wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, but the most important one is cleaning the rug while it is submerged in water. This off-site carpet cleaning also allows for better drying conditions which not only have a huge effect on the end result, but also ensure that the hardwood floors in your home remain undamaged.

Choose a carpet cleaning company that cleans your carpet using environmentally friendly materials and techniques. This will ensure your health and that of your family members as well as keep your carpet in great conditions.