Why you should hire a rug cleaning company?


When deciding which professional cleaner to choose for your fine Oriental rugs, you want to make sure to find a specialist company that you can trust to do the job correctly. Here are a few questions that you can ask to ensure you hire a qualified company for your rug cleaning needs.

  1. How long have you been in rug cleaning industry and how much experience do your technicians have? Usually, the longer a company has been in business, the better. They probably have been doing things right to stay in business for as long as they have. Cleaning oriental rugs takes a high level of expertise that can only be acquired through years of experience. Make sure their rug technicians are also qualified when it comes to cleaning fine rugs.
  1. Is your company certified and insured? To gain certification as a qualified rug cleaning technician one must complete an array of testing and practice. Accidents can happen even to the best rug cleaning companies. Making sure they are insured will protect you from the financial implications of theft or accidental damage to your rug while it is in their possession.
  1. What services are included? Ask them to explain some of the steps of a standard rug cleaning. This will give you a general idea of what they will be doing for your rug. From here you will also be able to add certain optional services that you may need.
  1. How do you charge for your rug cleaning services? Do they charge by square metres or some other criteria? Is stain removal included? Is there a charge for extra services such as removing odours or fabric protection, and if so, how much? Requesting an itemized list of services and their corresponding prices will help you hugely should any billing confusion arise later. Always ask for a written price quote or estimate. This can save you a lot of headache if there are any problems after the fact.
  1. Can you offer any guarantees? What happens if you are not at all satisfied with their work? Most companies will be pretty accommodating if you are not satisfied with the results. Some will offer to redo the cleaning at no extra cost, include additional services at no extra cost, or give an additional discount. These will vary depending on the rug cleaning company.

You should hire a rug cleaning company only if these and any other questions you might have are answered to your satisfaction. Keeping your fine Oriental rugs in good condition at home and having a specialist professional cleaner give it a thorough full immersion washing once or twice a year are the secret to a long life for your rug.

Spot and Spill Clean up


As of this writing (March 2017) area rugs have gained quite a significant market share over the past decade. As more and more customers remove carpeting in favour of hard surfaces such as wood, ceramic tile, laminates, and stone, rug ownership has skyrocketed.


With more rugs in homes and offices, cleaning and maintaining them has become a growing concern amongst customers. Before discussing proper care, it’s vital to identify the basic construction of the rug. There are two main categories of rug materials: Synthetic and Natural. There are also rugs which are created with a blend of both synthetic and natural materials. Cleaning and maintaining synthetic rugs is quite similar to cleaning and caring for installed carpet, so for purposes of this guide we’ll stick with Oriental-style rugs made of natural materials.

When talking about synthetic and natural rugs, it’s important to understand that the face fibres (the pile of the rug) or foundation/backing may be synthetic, natural, or in some cases both. For example, a “Wool Rug” usually describes the face fibres; however the backing can be synthetic or natural. Both the backing and face fibres are of equal concern to the professional rug cleaner. It’s safer to clean any rug with the cleaning detergent and method designed for the most sensitive part of the rug. More frequently, synthetic materials aren’t as sensitive as natural materials. Therefore in the “Wool Rug” example above, even if the rug has a synthetic backing, it’s better to treat the entire rug as a wool rug. More about cleaning detergents and methods below.

Rug Construction

Wool is by far the most popular naturally-constructed material found in the pile of Oriental style rugs. Other natural rug face fibre materials consist of cotton, silk, grass (sisal, jute), animal skins, and even materials like leather and paper. If you are the owner of an animal skin, silk, grass, leather, or paper rug, I highly suggest you send your rug to a professional Rug Cleaning company for proper cleaning. These rugs are extremely difficult to clean and permanent damage will occur if cleaned improperly.

Dry Soil Removal

A high quality rug should last over a lifetime and the best way to help it last that long is by hoovering often. Exactly how often depends on usage. Usually once a week is often enough, however if pets walk on the rug or the rug receives a high amount of foot traffic, hoovering once or twice a day may be necessary. Dense Oriental rugs have a tendency to hide micro-soiling and sand that builds up deep in the foundation. Over time these fine dry soils will prematurely cause wear to the rug.

Poorer quality rugs, especially some hand-tufted inexpensive rugs, (usually made in China, Pakistan and India) may shed face fibres quite a lot during vacuuming. This is normal for these type of rugs. Unfortunately though, these inexpensive Oriental rugs will probably not last very long unless not walked on.

Fringe Care

If your rug has fringes, please make sure not to use a hoover with a beater bar attached to it. Instead either try gently brushing the fringe with a brush designed for fringe, or use an attachment on your hoover without a beater bar to remove dry soil from fringe. As a rug cleaning company with over 40 years of rug cleaning experience, the number one complaint we see from customers is premature fringe wear caused by the customer hoovering the fringe with a beater bar.

Spot and Spill Clean up

Inevitably there will be time that someone accidentally spills something on your Oriental rug or notice a spot from something that was tracked in on it. It’s always best to immediately blot or scoop up the excess spot or spill, as much as possible. We recommend using a dry white cotton towel or white paper towels to soak up the majority of the spot or spill. If you happen to choose a towel that is not white, there is a possibility the colour of the towel will transfer to the rug.

Please bear in mind that before using any spot cleaner on a rug (including merely water), it’s best to test in a small and hidden area. Unfortunately there may not be such an area to test, especially on a small rug. In this case test it near the edge of the rug since it’s usually less noticeable than the centre if the test reveals colour loss or texture change. If you notice a colour change, bleeding, or texture change, stop immediately and call a professional and qualified rug cleaning company for assistance.

After careful blotting and testing according to the instructions above, first try to remove any remaining spot with tap water. Make sure not to soak the rug. Simply dampen a white towel or paper towel with water and blot, but do not rub. If you don’t notice any improvement at all, the safest solution to use as a general spot cleaner is to mix 1 litre of tap water and 1 teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap. Under no circumstance use automatic dishwasher soap or laundry detergents as many of these products contain optical brighteners or harsh chemicals that can ruin the rug.


Dust and spot removal are very important maintenance steps to take between thorough cleanings, but Oriental rugs do need to be thoroughly washed as well on a regular basis. In most cases cleaning the entire rug once a year is enough, but if the rug has a lot of foot traffic, is prone to spills and spots, or pets and kids use the rug often, the rug may need to be thoroughly cleaned more regularly, around every 3 to 6 months. There are many ways to clean a rug and it is well beyond the scope of this guide to determine the best method in each and every case. Having said this, the most thorough cleaning is achieved by the Immersion Washing. Full immersion cleaning is accomplished by scrubbing the rug under water and safely removing the excess water and soil with a roller system, speed drying the rug, and cleaning the fringe. I do not recommend customers attempt to immerse their Oriental Rugs due to the many risks involved that can happen including bleeding, foundation shrinkage, degradation from being wet too long, and many other problems. Please check online to locate a qualified professional Rug Cleaning company.

Rug Padding

High quality Oriental rugs are built extremely durable and can endure many years of use. To make your rugs last even longer, help make them softer on the feet, and to provide in-place stability, the use of a high quality rug underlay is highly recommended. There are several types of rug underlays and anti-slips to consider and the selection of the right pad is dependent on the surface the rug will cover and also the thickness of the rug. Please speak to your local Oriental rug dealer or professional rug cleaning company to help you choose the correct rug underlay.

Best way to really get your carpets and rugs clean


Having carpets and rugs in the home can add cosiness, making the area feel homely and can also provide the home with the perfect finish that suits your specific needs. The problem with carpets and rugs is that they can and eventually will get dirty. It doesn’t matter how often you vacuum and how careful you are, dirt will become trapped in the fibres and over time, your carpets will be a home of dirt and dust.

The best way to really get your carpets and rugs clean is to use the services provided by a professional cleaning company. The problem is when you go online, you will find a wide number of companies offering carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services in your area. The choice should be based on quality service, cleaning solutions provided and their professionalism and experience.

Start by searching online and selecting a few companies you feel will meet your specific needs, don’t fall into the trap that many people find themselves in, choosing the cheapest quote and not identifying the quality of the service and the expertise of the company.

It is recommended to choose a few companies and get quotes from each one, which will help you review and compare them against each other to find the one you think is the best match that ticks all the boxes you feel is important to your family and your home. Most professional rug cleaning companies will offer rates based on the size of the rug you need cleaning, ask them about any promotional offers or discounts they are running, you may be able to get a better deal.

Hoovering weekly isn’t enough to remove all the dirt from rugs and over time the dirt really gets deep into the fibres. Because of this, you shouldn’t wait too long until there are stains on the carpet to call in the professionals. A professional rug cleaning service should be carried out once or twice a year to ensure the carpets and rugs in your home are clean and fresh.

Make sure you speak to each of the companies and ask them about the cleaning detergents they use. You want to choose a company that focuses on providing you with a natural, bio-degradable and anti-allergic solution that won’t be harmful to any pets or children. They should also guarantee to return your rug completely dry to eliminate any risk of mold build-up.

When hiring professional rug cleaners, take the time to discuss your availability and ensure that they can meet your requirements on this as well. You may only be available in the afternoon after work, therefore you want the rug cleaning service to arrive once you are home, ensuring that there is someone home when they collect your rug.

Questions to Ask a Rug Cleaning Company Before Making a Decision


If your rug is valuable enough to require a rug cleaning service, it’s also valuable enough to be cautious about which cleaning service you choose. If you need a regular cleaning service for your rugs, the ideal way for hiring the best service is to ask some questions that will indicate whether a service is able to give your rugs the best care. Otherwise, you might end up with rugs that are still dirty or even worse, damaged.

Questions to Ask a Rug Cleaning Company Before Making a Decision

By asking a rug service the following questions, you can decide whether they offer the expertise and experience your rugs require, or whether you should move on to the next company, asking them the same questions.

  1. Are You Able to Offer References that Had Rugs like Mine?

The most important thing is whether a service has experience cleaning your type of rugs. If a company can’t provide references to back up its experience with a certain type of rug, it’s best to find one that can, especially if your carpets are antique, or made of fine materials. A company that does not have extensive experience with these types of carpets should not be offering to clean them.

  1. What will the PH Level of my Wool Rug Be After Cleaning?

In the case of a wool rug, the material should have a PH reading of below 7, as wool is naturally on the acid side. A PH reading of higher than 7 will threaten your rug’s appearance and longevity. If a cleaning service seems baffled by this question, move on to a service that knows what you’re talking about.

  1. What is the Maximum PH Level of the Detergent You’ll Use on My Wool Rug?

Shampoos used to clean wool rugs should contain a PH reading of no higher than 8.5, as shampoos with PHs above 8.5 can damage wool. While it seems odd that a service wouldn’t use the optimal soap type for rug cleaning, it isn’t uncommon, and carpet owners eventually pay the price in the form of damaged carpets.

  1. Are You Certified Rug Cleaning Specialists?

Services that are certified as wool care specialists have the training necessary to handle your wool rugs in way that produces deep cleaning without harming their appearance and durability. Having said that, a service may not be qualified by an association and still possess the same knowledge of services that are.

How to clean your rug


Your rug might be inexpensive, and depending on the cleaning company used you may not always be satisfied with the results. So you may want to try to do it yourself. Besides making sure that you have the necessary equipment, all you will need is a little time and energy to get the job done. You will already have a pretty good idea of where the heavily used areas are, and you can also focus your efforts on the more visible areas as well. Keep in mind that you will need someone to help moving heavy furniture, but there are even products available that will make it quick and easy. So pull up your sleeves and get ready to learn how to clean your rugs at home.

Before you pull out the steamer, you will have to make sure your rug is free from as much dirt and dust as possible before doing any rug cleaning. If you have a smaller rug, you can do this simply by putting it outside and giving it a few good shakes and whacks. But, if the rug is large or has a thick, deep pile, you’ll have to hoover it thoroughly. Ensuring that the rug is free from excessive dust and dirt will make the cleaning process much easier.

After your rug is free from soil, you will want to begin the stain cleaning process. Look around to locate stained areas. If you can remember the area of a serious spill, treat that area as well. Sometimes when you clean a rug, old stains can reappear because the rug underlay becomes damp. Spot cleaning it with a strong cleaning solution will clean all the layers of the rug. You will want to use an electrical carpet cleaner as directed to clean the entire surface of the rug. Before beginning the rug cleaning process, you will want to make sure you are wearing clean, white shoes so that no dirt is tracked onto the wet surface. Use any hand held attachments to clean hard to reach areas, and utilize attachments to achieve better result. After you have cleaned the rug as directed, you will want to avoid stepping on it before it is completely dried.

Now, the rug needs to dry. This process can take anything from a couple of hours to a few days. This is entirely dependent on how much water was used during the rug cleaning process and the type of the rug. Some carpet steamers use less water than others, while some are just more efficient at sucking up excess water. After the drying process is over, you may want to look around and see if you missed any stains. It’s completely up to you whether you choose to simply spot clean or plug in the rug cleaner again to go over missed stains. Once you are satisfied with the results, you should have a clean enough rug until it needs to be cleaned by a professional rug cleaning company.

Professional carpet cleaning is a better choice


There is usually a big debate over whether to clean your carpets by yourself or have someone do it professionally. Professional carpet cleaning has always been the better choice due to the effectiveness it offers. It is quite possible to rent equipment and try to clean your carpet by yourself. However, there could be unforeseen problems with the rental equipment due to mechanical faults or inexperience. This means your carpet will not be adequately cleaned and you will have wasted money unnecessarily.

Carpets are often quite delicate due to the material used to make them. Therefore, you should not use too much detergent or even excessive water. If you do so, you risk damaging the fabric and even making the carpet soiled again. However, if you get professional carpet cleaning, there is virtually no risk of ruining it, since the cleaners ensure that they use the appropriate cleaning methods most suitable for the fabric. There is no risk of causing damage to the fibre or creating new stains.

Professional carpet cleaning is done using the best cleaning detergents as well. The variety of solutions they use ensures that each carpet is cleaned with the best possible care. Drying the carpet in a dedicated facility means that there is no growth of mould or staining due to dampness. When your carpet is professionally cleaned, it dries in a controlled environment. This means that you can get back to using it as soon as it’s returned. This way you do not have to move out of your house just to have the cleaning done.

Removing stains from pet urine, wines and other spills from your carpet can be a difficult chore for you. In some cases, you will find people simply scrubbing away at the stained area. This is not effective at all since in most cases it will only spread the stain and cause it go deeper into the fabric. In fact, such scrubbing can ruin the fibre of the carpet. However, with professional cleaning, there is no risk of this happening since they have the best methods for stain removal as well.

If you wish to clean your carpet by yourself, you will need a long time. First, you will have to remove every piece of furniture, scrub away at the carpet and then leave it to dry for many days. After all this, you will have to move back the furniture. This is quite a demanding job and time consuming. On the other hand, with professional carpet cleaners, it only takes a few minutes to roll the rug and take it away. The cleaners also take it upon themselves to move the furniture off before they lift the carpet.

This means that you will not have to do anything yourself except maybe to put away any fragile items. Also, you will save a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it can be concluded that professional carpet cleaning is by far the better choice. In order to receive the best services, you need to get a company that offers excellent quality cleaning. They should also have affordable prices though this will usually depend on how big the carpet is.

Most common methods of carpet cleaning


Do you see carpet cleaning as a dull task which has to be crossed off your to – do list? If so, then you should probably hire the services of a reputable carpet cleaning company. That way, you can have confidence knowing your carpet is being taken care of by professionals, who know exactly what they are doing.

Professional companies use different methods to clean and restore carpets. Some of them are highlighted below.

Some of the most common methods of carpet cleaning

Shampooing the carpet – Carpet cleaning shampoos can be effective for heavy duty cleaning, as they usually get rid of dirt and sometimes even tough stains. But they also leave behind excess wet foam, making it too difficult to dry the carpet completely. After shampooing the carpet, most of the time no rinsing is carried out, hence why the carpet becomes sticky. Due to this, it acts as a magnet and attracts dirt and dust quite easily.

Hot water extraction

This cleaning method is more popularly referred to as steam carpet cleaning and it relies on hot water at a high pressure to get rid of dirt stuck deep within the carpet fibres. This method basically includes applying a cleaning product on the affected area, brushing it to move around the carpet fibre, followed by a thorough rinsing of the carpet. Some professional companies use special methods to dry the carpet after the water and moisture has been extracted from it.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning

This encapsulation method consists of applying synthetic detergents which, when dry crystallize into powder form. It is moderately popular today and is actually proving to be almost as efficient as carpet shampooing because the latter involves the use of a lot of hot water which makes it difficult to dry the carpet in a short period of time. This method is also more environmentally friendly because it does not result in any harmful chemical residue getting left behind.

Dry carpet cleaning

Tt may also be known as compound cleaning and is reasonably popular among cleaning companies because it does not require technicians to spend too many hours drying the carpet.

Bonnet cleaning

This is basically like the rapid fix of carpet cleaning methods. It is best for commercial facilities, offices and hotels where the carpet cannot be missing for too long and requires a quick tidy up every now and again. This technique involves the use of an electric cleaning machine with a spinning brush pad.

Full immersion washing

By far the most effective carpet cleaning method is the full immersion washing. The professional rug wash involves many specialised steps that are not included in wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, but the most important one is cleaning the rug while it is submerged in water. This off-site carpet cleaning also allows for better drying conditions which not only have a huge effect on the end result, but also ensure that the hardwood floors in your home remain undamaged.

Choose a carpet cleaning company that cleans your carpet using environmentally friendly materials and techniques. This will ensure your health and that of your family members as well as keep your carpet in great conditions.

Is it time to call a carpet cleaning service?


Most people don’t want the carpets in their home to be dusty, smelly, or pet stained. If you are having problems with your carpets, there are professional carpet cleaning companies that can really make your life easier. While eliminating carpet odours and stains, carpet cleaners can also give new look to your carpets, as well as extend the life of those carpets.

You have invested money into your carpets, so it’s vital that they are taken care of properly. There are various brands, strengths, and prices of carpet cleaning detergents available on today’s market, so make sure that the carpet cleaning company you choose use the correct ones. In this article, we will look into the various products and when they should be used.

What are the different types of carpet cleaning detergents available?

There are some adequate products on today’s market for carpet cleaning and care. Some of them can be used by the homeowner without prior training. You just have to make sure that it’s bio-degradable, anti-allergic and suitable for your carpet type. Always make sure that you follow the instructions on the label and remove access detergents from the carpet after cleaning.

Is it time to call a carpet cleaning service?

In some cases you can clean your carpets yourself, and then there are times when you need to use a professional carpet cleaning service. A serious water leak that has flooded your floors and soaked your carpets is an obvious example of when it’s necessary to call a professional. Professional carpet cleaning is significantly more effective than home carpet cleaning, and will remove dirt trapped deep down in carpet fibres. Many people have their carpets cleaned a couple of times a year to keep them in good shape and condition.

Where can I find carpet cleaning guides and tips?

There are many ways to search for tips on the internet. You will also find websites with advice on how to maintain your carpets looking and smelling fresh and how to remove mould and mildew. Certain websites also offer tips for cleaning upholstery. Remember that you will probably need to call a professional carpet cleaning company in your area if your carpets are in need of an overall, effective cleaning.


Organic carpet cleaning


While investing in janitorial services to ensure that your company premises present an excellent look, you must also make sure to hire carpet cleaning specialists. Clean and tidy looking carpets are an important part of the office furnishing and can make a huge difference to the way the visiting clients look at your company.

Carpets in a commercial environment can be quite tough to handle and clean because of its size and thickness. Cleaning such carpets requires a significant amount of experience and expertise in the job. When selecting a carpet cleaning company you must check their credentials and testimonials so that you are sure of getting the right company to do the carpet cleaning job for your organization.

You must hire a company that uses the most advanced technology and equipment to clean the carpets in a fast yet efficient manner. Technology is developing rapidly in the carpet cleaning equipment industry with newer and better machines being able to do the work. Off-site carpet cleaners are popular choice because of the thoroughness with which they remove all the deep seated dirt and grime from the carpet.

Our professional carpet cleaning equipment are excellent at spot cleaning, deep cleaning, stain cleaning and maintaining the overall good looks of the carpet. Our carpet cleaning services also include shampooing and steam cleaning.

We also offer to repair and mend damaged carpets which are inevitable especially in heavy traffic areas such as lobbies, stairs and hallways. You must ensure that your service provider also offers you these services along with the regular carpet cleaning, stain cleaning and steam cleaning services.

Carpet cleaning services are also available for your home. They are useful to improve and maintain the look of the carpets and also to remove deep seated dirt, dust and odours. They can professionally remove pet stains and stubborn stains such as wine and food spill or mud, grime or grease stains.

Organic carpet cleaning is one of the most popular ways to keep your carpets bright and clean. It involves cleaning your carpets with eco-friendly and bio-degradable materials to ensure the durability and long life of those expensive carpets. Great looking carpets are like invitation cards. They provide a welcome sign to the guests to your home or office premises. To ensure that your carpets look new and bright you must make sure that they are cleaned and handled by professional carpet cleaners.

Carpet cleaning and maintenance at home


Buying a carpet for your home not only helps protect your floor, but it also adds to the design of the room you place it in. It adds to the atmosphere and the feeling of cosiness. However, carpets are often subject to dust, dirt, filth, stains and other things when they get stepped on. This can make your carpet looks over-used and dirty. Because of this, it is important to take good care of your carpet regularly.

If your rug is not valuable enough to have it cleaned professionally and want to do it yourself, here are some tips which you can use:

1. Move all your furniture – To give your carpet a thorough cleaning, it is essential to move your furniture off the carpet to reach dusty areas underneath them.

2. Hoover your carpet – Thoroughly hoover your carpet to remove dust, clumps of hair, pieces of paper and other larger particles which can be hard to clean with carpet cleaning solution alone. This will make your efforts much more effective.

3. Get the right carpet cleaning detergent – There are different cleaning agents that are suited for specific types of fibres. If you have a carpet made up of natural fibres like wool, cotton or silk, then it would be best to ask which type of solution would work best with it.

4. Get a cleaning machine that works for you – There are a number of different cleaning systems that are being offered for sale or for rent. These cleaning systems though are usually less effective than off-site cleaning.

5. Don’t get the carpet too wet – When cleaning your carpet with water and detergent, make sure that you use just enough for your carpet. Don’t pour too much and get your carpet excessively soaked, because this can cause damage to your carpet and your hardwood floor.

6. Rinse with water – After putting the cleaning solution on your carpet, you should make sure that you rinse it with water as much as possible. This can prevent chemical residues that could damage your carpet from being left behind once your carpet dries up as chemical residues will attract even more dirt.

7. Don’t rub too hard – If you want to rub some stains on your carpet to get it clean, avoid doing it vigorously or doing too much. It can leave the carpet with a fuzzy appearance or worse, it can damage that particular area on your carpet.

8. Use the right stain removing agent – If you need to deal with carpet stains and spots, make sure that you have the right chemical or solution for it. There are some solutions that can be found in your home to treat different kinds of stains. However, if you don’t have one, then you can easily get a stain remover that can be used to remove or fade the stain.

9. Make sure to dry your carpet quickly – It is always recommended to quickly dry your carpet. Moisture can easily attract bacteria and other microorganisms, as well as dirt and other dust particles. You can shorten the drying time if the cleaning machine that you have can suck out the moisture from your carpet, or by using a fan to dry it. If possible, try to leave doors and windows open to allow better ventilation.