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How clean is your rug?


It might look clean and you may even have used a visiting rug cleaning service, but dust can build up deep down in the foundation of the fabric. Worse still, dust attracts dust mites, which can aggravate asthma and other health conditions.
full immersion rug cleaning London
There's only one way to make sure your rug is completely clean:
full immersion rug cleaning
At our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning facility, we wash rugs thoroughly, fully immersed in water, using the safest detergents. We can extract 50-100 grams of dry dust and dirt per square metre, even from a well-maintained rug. We can also successfully remove pet urine stains and odour.
We dry the rugs quickly and perfectly in a controlled environment. With on-site carpet cleaning, this is impossible, and the moist and unventilated parts deep in the rug provide an ideal environment for mould and fungi to develop.
We are experts at cleaning all types of rug and we specialise in traditional, oriental, chinese, persian rugs, berbers, kilims, flokatis, dhurries, modern and designer rugs.

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Rug repairing
Is your rug damaged due to factors like discoloration, burns and daily wear and tear? In these situations rug repair might have to be implemented. At RugCleanic we specialize in carpet and rug repairs including: carpet or rug cuttid binding, carpet or rug resurging, and rug refringing. Hand woven rugs are always repaired by hand.
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Free collection and delivery in the Greater London area.
We collect your rug from your home and deliver it back to you once cleaning is complete.
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Free collection and delivery in the Greater London area.
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