<b>Dunk and Dry, full Immersion rug cleaning</b><br/><br/>
We wash each rug through its entire cross-section. Water passes through the rug, entering from the top and exiting the bottom side of the rug, removing every dirt particle, pet urine stains and odour. <b>Rug repair and restoration</b><br/><br/>
If your rug is damaged, then rug cleaning will not solve the problem and rug repair might have to be implemented. We offer professional carpet, rug repair & restoration services, specializing in rug cutting, re-fringing, binding and resurging. <b>Healthy rug cleaning</b><br/><br/>
Specially blended non-toxic, biodegradable detergents and loads of fresh water are used. We always make sure that no residual detergent is left in the rug to minimise the risk of any allergic reaction or premature soiling. All rugs are delivered completely dry and fresh. <b>Free Collection & Delivery</b><br/><br/>
Free Collection & Delivery available in the Greater London area, Berkshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex.

Rug Cleaning London

We specialise in professional rug washing and repair services with a commitment to excellent customer service and affordable prices. We do not simply clean the surface of the rugs. We wash them thoroughly in our plant, fully immersed in water, using the safest detergents and the most advanced equipment.
carpet rug cleaning london



We’re going to take your rugs away. And when we come back, we’ll bring you absolutely fresh and clean ones in their place.

At least, you’ll swear they’re not your “old’ rugs.

You’ll swear they look brand new …!

Because, you see, we’ll take your old dirty rugs back to our plant, and we will give them a LUXURIOUS BATH unlike anything they’ve ever had before!

Yes, a bath. Turns out, it’s the ONLY proper way to clean a great area rug like yours.

Wool especially. There’s no other proper way to clean the great Persian rugs than by giving them a good soak with light detergents, and gently scrub away (by hand) all the spots and stains that have accumulated over time.

We rinse your rug as thoroughly as if they had been through a tropical waterfall.

And then we gently dry each rug in special roll-dryers that make your rugs as fresh and pliable as the day you first bought them.

We come to your house or place of business, collect the rugs, and off we go.

It usually takes 5-7 working days to do the complete job – because we clean them so thoroughly, it’s nothing like the “surface” cleaning you get from on-site cleaners. They simply can’t clean your rug the way we do.

So there you have it. Get your rugs cleaned the right way – having them “taken out” to be cleaned… or merely the “convenient” way of on-site surface-cleaning, which leaves MOST of the dirt behind to cause more problems down the road.

If you’d like to experience our service, we invite you to order now and we will collect & deliver your rug FREE of charge within Greater London.

See if you like our work and then sign up for regularly-scheduled cleanings on our recommended basis (at least once or twice a year is best, for high-traffic rugs).

Please call us TODAY to schedule your first “trial” rug cleaning. You’ll be glad you did!

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